Our Story

Hanguk is Korean for Korea. BeautyInHanguk was originally created to be a blog to share the beauty of Korea with the world with the tagline: "goodies from Korea, right to your doorstep". This store was an unplanned surprise - even to us!

Shereen Yong, founder, is from New Zealand and currently lives in Seoul. She enjoys coming up with creative ideas for surprise gifts to the people around her. She also has a passion for discovering all sorts of beauty products, swatching makeup in stores for hours, and learning about formulations of ingredients of skincare. This led to the creation of BeautyInHanguk's bespoke parcel. 

The fact of the matter is that everyone is different. The goal of BeautyInHanguk is to do what no one else has ever done - a fully personalised and customised monthly bespoke beauty parcel. From your skin type, tone, ingredients you want to avoid, the scents you like and hate, your love for cute characters or K-pop, from coveting sleek chic packaging to vampy metallic looks, and whether you like only full sized products or perhaps want to try a whole bunch of deluxe samples before you take the full-size plunge - we take that all into account and put together, every month, a parcel just for you.  

We also want to share our findings with you - directly from the source. We want you to know that K-beauty is vast and growing rapidly. There are hundreds of undiscovered brands in Korea that the world has yet to know about. 

We spend a lot of time on this baby shop, we REALLY like our work, and we hope you support us!