WELCOME to our #FLASHDASHOPEN! We are ONLY accepting bespoke parcel orders for this flash opening and will reopen again some time October! YOU CAN ORDER OTHER ITEMS IN ADDITION THEY WILL BE SENT WITH YOUR BESPOKE ORDER. Thanks for your patience and check out our instagram / facebook / twitter for unboxings + sneak peeks!
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About Us

We are a teeny team of beauty lovers and entrepreneurs that want to bring good quality products from Korea. We spend a lot of time on this baby shop, we REALLY like our work, and we hope you support us!

What are are NOT:

A K-beauty online store that has a huge range of brands, items, super competitive prices and bulk-buy in warehouses or simply use third-party fulfillment centres and forward your orders to their distributors to post to you. If you prefer to shop there, to get a bang for your buck, we totally understand.