Bonair Blue Smoother Face Oil (99.8% natural plant oil)

Bonair Blue Smoother Face Oil (99.8% natural plant oil)

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All natural in-house patented fermented Blue Tansy oil contains natural extracts of azulene and guaizulene that has soothing and calming properties. Good for calming acne breakouts, rosacea, and providing natural moisture to your skin.

For very dry skin combine 2 drops with Bonair Blue Velvet Cream

For dry skin combine 2 drops with Bonair Rose (Rosehip oil) Illuminator Moist Cream

For combination skin use 2 drops alone after or during cream step of routine. 

For oily skin types opt for Bonair Rosehip Oil Illuminator Drop Oil Serum instead.

How to use:

A light blue colour that comes from the Blue Tansy flower. Fermented oil is a breakthrough technology made in-house that is certified and is a patented ingredient owned by Bonair.

Some benefits of fermented oil:

- Contains smaller molecules than regular oils that are able to penetrate the skin instead of sitting on top of the skin.

- Oil and water do not mix but after fermentation, these oils are able to emulsify and mix with water thus not merely creating a barrier/ layer on top of your skin, but penetrate deeper into the dermis and also enhance the absorption of other functional ingredients that are contained in the product and will also enable other products in your skincare routine absorb better. 

Bonair does not test on animals and all their products have no added colors or fragrances. All scents and colours are from the natural ingredients in the product. 

Save on shipping tip: Add a sheetmask or two or cushion and pay the same shipping cost (remaining weight for this product shipping rate approx. 60g)

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