Hanyul Artemesia Fresh Calming Fluid

Hanyul Artemesia Fresh Calming Fluid

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It smells very lightly of real fresh flowers, comes in a sturdy frosted pump bottle and is a light milky viscous lotion consistency! Keep yourself lightly hydrated all day. Good for all skin types and especially oily skin as it is not too emmolient or thick. Soothes, hydrates, calms. 

Non sticky and absorbs instantly. 

Artemesia or mugwort is good for soothing and calming sunburns, rosacea, acne, redness. 

Contains baby artemisa (mugwort) extract that soothe, heal, reduce redness and hydrate the natural way.

For best results combine for a full skincare routine with the Hanyul Artemesia Fresh Calming GelCalming Mist, wash-off mask, Toner, Cream.


Shipping tip: combine with other products up to 130g for the same shipping cost! 

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