One to One Customised Bespoke Parcel (3 month option NOW AVAILABLE)

One to One Customised Bespoke Parcel (3 month option NOW AVAILABLE)

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 Bespoke = tailored to fit you.

This is a parcel consisting of beauty products from Korea based on a personal profile that you fill in (sometimes we tuck in other fun surprises like accessories, apparel, or snacks). It is like a beauty box so we ship it out ONCE a month, a MONTH AFTER you order it. Usually orders arrive mid to month end as we need time to make each custom parcel after monthly the ordering deadline which is the last day of each month KOREAN STANDARD TIME. 


How does it work?

1. Add this product to cart, fill in your details and checkout. 

2. Fill out your beauty profile here for us to best pick for your current needs. The more detailed your form is, the better we can customise your parcel. 

3. Our parcels are FULLY customised to your profile. 

4. We are non-subscription but like other beauty boxes we ship out once a month. Your parcel will take approximately 3-4 WEEKS to arrive**.

5. The contents of the parcel is NOT determined by quantity of items but TOTAL VALUE of the contents BASED ON YOUR PROFILE.

*to understand our bespoke concept better click here

*the image shown may not represent the appearance of your package. For further details refer to the FAQ page


Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide. So, yes :)


How much is shipping? 

We are just starting out so we cannot afford to offer free shipping. Unfortunately shipping is always costly and we have tried our best to get you the most affordable, fast and reliable shipping option. All our parcels are tracked** and these are the these are the best flat shipping rates we can offer you for now. 

** We only use tracked airmail that takes between 5 to 14 working days to arrive. You will have a tracking number as usual. However we CANNOT be held responsible for late arrivals due to your country customs or shipping issues or any other events outside our control. We can only promise to ship out by the promised date.
All parcels we send usually fly out of Korea within 1-3days. With the tracking number we send you upon fulfillment, you are even able to track the flight number of your parcel. From then on we have no control over the performance of your local post or customs control. We try to label the contents so that our customers have minimal issues with customs inspection for speedy processing and we have had no issues with extra customs charges from the countries we have sent to.


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