Misc En Scene Hair Serum (entire range now available)
Misc en Scene

Misc En Scene Hair Serum (entire range now available)

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Choose from 6 different serums to suit your haircare needs: Original, Rose (limited), Rich, Styling, Light and Creamy. Misc en scene names this the "2 second serum" as there is one bottle sold every 2 seconds. See the difference in just 3 days of consistent use. 

How to use: Pump a small amount (just a few drops worth) and apply to freshly washed hair while still damp. Add some drops to the ends of hair if needed or particular areas of concern. Dry hair with hair dryer.

Below shows two charts of comparison to help you choose the right one for you:

translated comparisons of misc en scene hair serums



Left <---- less damaged hair | more damaged hair----> Right 

Viscocity and texture:  High -> Thicker, more viscous, Low -> Lighter 

Comparison of hair serums

Shipping worldwide tracked by air less than 8 dollars - prices vary depending on location and start from $5. 

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