Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Ja Yang Yoon Mo Shampoo 400ml

Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Ja Yang Yoon Mo Shampoo 400ml

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Now repackaged with a pairing conditioner!

This ginseng fortified shampoo targets hair-loss and uses patented formula and technology to prevent hair-loss GinsenEX. Smells woodsy and earthy as it is full of concentrated patented ginseng extract; noticeable effects of lessened hair loss within a month.

-SLS free sulphate free

-Ginseng - Contains high quality ginseng saponins that are effective to strengthen hair.

-Highly Concentrated - Using methods exclusive to Amore Pacific to extract effective saponins with a concentration that is 10 times higher than other competing products.

-Technology - Our patented GinsenEX technology has been tested and proven to be an effective method of mitigating the effects of hair-loss and promoting hair growth.

Comes in 3 versions - For oily scalp, sensitve scalp, and dry scalp.

Oily scalp and sensitive scalp versions are excellent for oil control and leaves you with light and fluffy hair and a fresh clean scalp that lasts 2-3days.

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