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Troiareuke Cell Energy Mask

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Cell Energy Mask Formula (purifying skin tone)

[Clay, Lavender oil, 魚腥草 fermented extract, Olive oil, Bentonite]


Behind Story: Reason for developing this product:

Skin professional skin care, there is high tendency to prefer to use the mask for individual type of skin. (Cream Mask, Clay Mask, Modeling peel off mask) These masks have individual advantage such as Cream mask provide nutrient and moisture, Clay mask can remove sebum, and Modeling mask can give sufficient moisture. However Troiareuke developing team wanted to provide beauty professionals and customer mask which has never seen in the professional market. Mask formula has all of advantage of three types (Cream Mask, Clay Mask, Modeling peel off mask).


Product Description

It works as “vacuum cleaner” for pores. It purifies and takes out the sebum and impurities even to the deepest pore. Often BB and CC or foundation, primer can block pores by having very fine particles. It is suffocate skin because it cannot breath therefore it makes your skin cell to function less and therefore it could lead to skin disorder (Sensitive skin, weak in immune system, Aged and wrinkled skin, hyper pigmentation-melasma). Due to the bentonite, it absorbs impurities and making skin even whiter and has better clear tone.



How to Use:

Apply on dry face & neck, leave it for 10 minutes and gently massage and wash off with warm water. Depending on the skin disorder mix Troiareuke Ampoule and apply gently on the face & neck.


Mild Treatment: Mix ampoule + Mask formula together and then apply

Intensive Treatment: Apply Ampoule then Mix ampoule + Mask formula together and then apply.


: Very different type of mask, it combines Cream + Clay + Modeling mask.


: It can be mixed with 4 types of ampoules depending on the skin condition


: After one use, you can see the immediate whitening and brightening effect in the skin. Don’t be too surprised. (for oily skin once in every 5days, normal skin, once in every 7days term),


: Bentonite absorbs the impurities in skin. : Mask itself balances the oil balance in the skin.


Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) ferment Extract

Consist of full of Vitamin B1, B2, D for providing maximum moisture and anti-oxidant.

History says 西太后, 楊貴妃 used to enjoy as their secret beauty ingredient. It provides maximum moisture during mask time to have firm and healthy moisturized skin. Tremella Fuciformis ferment extract creates moisture shield for skin protection and increase immunity.


Lavender & Olive oil

Calming and soothing effect for sensitive skin. Anti-stress & Anti-inflammatory effect on skin (especially for people who live in the city, pollution and stress).  Lavender and Olive oil helps skin recovery.


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