Troiareuke Laser Cream

Troiareuke Laser Cream

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A light cream with heavy-duty performance! The consistency is as light as the ACSEN Recovery Cream so it is suitable for all weather types. The consistency is designed so that anyone can wear it day or night without feeling like there is a heavy occlusive layer sitting on top of the skin. This is especially good for those who feel like their skincare does not absorb well into the skin or those who live in a hot and humid climate and prefer light layers. However this is not just a light layer, it is light AND effective. All Troiareuke products are specially designed with function and quality in mind hence they are a premium price point. 

This is an esthetic exclusive cream packed with ceramide and acts as a moisture shield for your skin. It should be used in the last step of your skincare. This cream is also very suitable for protecting and healing your skin after a chemical peel, laser treatment, or if your skin has been over exfoliated and you feel you have compromised your moisture barrier. 

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