Troiareuke Recovery Cream (pigment and wrinkle eraser)

Troiareuke Recovery Cream (pigment and wrinkle eraser)

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This cream is mainly used as a spot treatment to erase or lighten pigmentation from acne scarring or as a soothing solution for any skin inflammation. (you could even use it for dry cracked lips, broken skin, cold sores etc) This cream is also very good for reducing redness. 

Nicknamed the "20 hour cream" as you can see results in as little as 20 hours!

Suitable for all skin types, specially designed for acne-prone and sensitive skin(ezcema, very dry skin, itchiness or other inflammations). 

For dry and/or aging skin, especially for those who are in a hot a humid environment, apply cream to wrinkles or dry areas of the face in the day or at the night before cream step and wake up to plump, refreshed skin with reduced fine lines!

How to:

Dispense a small amount and apply to affected areas. 

Key ingredients:

Squalane(plant-based), 4% High grade (Grade 3 and above) Centella Asiatica extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract

*Skincare raw ingredients are graded in quality from 1 to 5, the higher the number the costlier and better quality and concentration

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