Troiareuke H+ Healing Cocktail (Get Toner/Essence + Ampoule of your choice ) *Special Offer
Troi Areuke

Troiareuke H+ Healing Cocktail (Get Toner/Essence + Ampoule of your choice ) *Special Offer

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Get the ultimate combination targeting your skin concerns. This set includes the Skin Complex Formula (mist toner -60ml) and 1 Healing Ampoule of your Choice (10ml) in a dropper bottle. 

How to use:

Troiareuke recommends that you mix the ampoule into the Skin Complex formula and use consistently in the toner step (twice daily) for best results. You can also do layers of the cocktail for stronger results from 3-7 layers of misting and patting. 

You may layer different ampoule cocktails to target multiple concerns at the same time! 

Alternatively you can reserve a small amount of the ampoule for treating specific troubled areas of the skin by using it as a spot treatment. I.e. Dabbing a few drops on the area or soaking a cotton pad and patch masking for approx 10 mins.  

Types, concerns and key ingredients

Red - Anti-aging, targets wrinkles and signs of aging, elasticity, activates skin cell regeneration and repairs cells

Key ingredients: Vitis Venifera (Grape) skin Powder, Soluable collagen, 

centella asiatica

Yellow - Melasma, Lightens hyperpigmentation and melanin spots, inhibits the darkening of freckles, inhibits worsening melanin formation, evens the tone of skin, helps lighten PIH and acne scars, and gives brightness and a radiant glow

Key ingredients: Ellagic acid (20x the efffects of arbutin), niacinamide, arbutin, soybean extract

Green "911 Ampoule" - Soothing and calming troubled and inflammed skin and provides instant hydration and moisture as dryness is the cause of many forms of skin irritation (rosacea, redness, flushing, ezcema, sunburn, irritation) 

Key ingredients: Honeysuckle flower extract, sodium hyaluronate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice

Blue - controls sebum production, treats acne inflammation with high concentration of botanical anti-bacterial extracts, can be used as a spot treatment from the first signs of acne and also during to quicken the healing process with minimal scarring

Key ingredients: Citric acid, glycolic acid, Lactic acid

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