Troiareuke Selemix Serum (two sizes)

Troiareuke Selemix Serum (two sizes)

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ACSEN Selemix Serum 40ml

Professional serum for anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation.

Laboratory tested for its results.

40ml Airless container

Two effect in one, calming skin and minimizing scars

In the selemix-an ingredient, fermented bean and magnolia tree bark extract. There is a secret force hidden behind the plant energy. You can experience amazing effects on the skin.


Features of ACSEN Selemix Serum

2 in 1 serum - It helps skin reproduction, anti-inflammation, skin calming and dead skin removal for Acne and Sensitive skin.

Selemix-AN - It is the new concept ingredient. Build up the skin barrier and catch Acne bacterium and all sort of bacterium.

WEEKLY prescription toner + serum - It is the prescription cosmetic for Ascen skin.

Can be prescribes 1~3 times a week depending on skin concerns.

ingredients selemix serum

Clove flower extract - It is a plant that located in Maluku,Indonesia. It is effective on anti-inflmmatory and restore damaged skin. When the baby was born, it was used for  anti-inflammatory and recovery of the umbilical cord.

Sophora extract - It activates anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria. It is effective on relaxing eczema with sophora water.

Portulaca oleracea extract - Helps for moisturzing and anti-inflammatory.

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